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Official CasioCalc.org IRC

Using Other IRC Clients

* Pidgin IM - A great chat client that supports IRC
* mIRC - The most popular IRC client

Connection Details

You may need this info to configure your client to connect our our room:
* Room name: #casiocalc
* Server: irc.afternet.org
* Port: 6667

Some Tips

* To get the best from using the IRC, it's recommended that you keep your client logged onto the IRC as long as you can. Keep in mind that we live in different timezones. By leaving your client on you can see who logs on and see their messages.
* To register a nickname on our channel type in this when you are in the room: /register <name> <password> <email>
You when then be required to check your email in order to complete the registration
* After registering authenticate yourself by doing this: /authserv auth <name> <password>
By authenticating yourself, this proves who you are and prevents others from using your name

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