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Welcome to our file sharing system!

Here you can upload your files or if you already have a website, you can register a link to your file in the system.

You can only upload .rar* files.
The filename must be something like: "filename_###.rar" with # (3 at least) being a letter (a-z), digit (0-9) or an "-" 'filename' is at least 3 "0-9a-z" including "-" and "_".
This is representing the version of your file.
It's not to anoy you but computer users don't like to have files on their hard drive with no clue about their content.

For example:
myfile_5.0-beta2.rar means myfile version 5.0 beta 2

* Only rar files are allowed: RAR is the best archiver available. It's far much better than ZIP format. RAR exists for Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, OSX and even PocketPC.

Click here to discover RAR possibilities.

If you are an RAR opponent (people who prefer ZIP ;-) ), just put a link to your file hosted somewhere else (this system allows this possibility).

Make sure to compress your files with the "BEST" setting enabled.

If your file doesn't fit in any existing category, choose the more accurate one and an administrator will create a new category if needed.

NOTE: If you already have a version of the same file in the File Sharing, make sure you're not uploading a NEW file. You need to click on "edit" at the top right corner of your file entry in the File Sharing. (you must accept cookies and be logged in the forum for the "Edit" link to appear)

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