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BASIC Category:

1st Place Winner: Gang Fight 2 - Brazzucko

1) Graphics- 10 -
2) Speed- 10 -
3) Gameplay- 9 -
4) Replay Value- 9 -
5) Quality- 9 -
6) Programming Skill- 9 -
7) Originallity- 7 - (its a fighting game with no original features, but the graphics and speed are unheard of in a BASIC program)

Overall: 63/70

I honestly never expected to give a game this high a rating, but its beyond incredible.

2nd Place Winner: Minigames - casiokingdom

1) Graphics- 4 -
2) Speed- 9 -
3) Gameplay- 8 -
4) Replay Value- 10 -
5) Quality- 8 -
6) Programming Skill- 7 -
7) Originallity- 9 -

Overall: 55/70

Things like Minigames have been done before, but this is the first one I've heard of that has full multiplayer support, its also quite challenging and well made though the games and graphics are a bit simplistic, he could have improved the graphics by moving it to the graph screen and having a set background that would not hinder gameplay.

3rd Place Winner: Sprite - genesis

1) Graphics- 8 -
2) Speed- 6 -
3) Gameplay- 4 -
4) Replay Value- 9 -
5) Quality- 7 -
6) Programming Skill- 10 -
7) Originallity- 10 -

Overall: 54/70

genesis would have won second place but he provided no explenation of the keys or scoring or anything else so I had to lower his gameplay score... once I figgured the game out though it was quite original and well done (with the exception of being a bit slow).

4th Place: DBZ - Spank

1) Graphics- 3 -
2) Speed- 7 -
3) Gameplay- 3 -
4) Replay Value- 3 -
5) Quality- 2 -
6) Programming Skill- 4 -
7) Originallity- 6 -

Overall: 28/70

I'm rather disappointed by this game, at first it seemed extreamly challenging (mabey to the point of excrutiating bordom), but I quickly discovered that by taking on superior enemies (despite having no chance of winning) you level up almost instantly, thus making the level system somewhat pointless... it gets boring very quickly in my opinion.

On the plus side the fighting is a bit uinque, though dull. but any points scored for that are offset by graphical glitches...

5th Place: Cible - fantasy

1) Graphics- 2 -
2) Speed- 5 -
3) Gameplay- 3 -
4) Replay Value- 4 -
5) Quality- 2 -
6) Programming Skill- 3 -
7) Originallity- 7 -

Overall: 26/70

Compared with the other games submitted for the contest this didnt come out well. many many things could have been done to improve this game, especially the menu interface. gameplay on anything but very easy is quite difficult, and I cant say I understand the real point to the game. ah well, better luck next time, I have a feeling people didnt really understand the scoring system but next time should be better.

ASM/C Category:

Only Winner: F-16 Falcon - Roeoender

Mohamed's results:

1) Graphics- 6 -
2) Speed- 10 -
3) Gameplay- 6 -
4) Replay Value- 8 -
5) Quality- 8 -
6) Programming Skill- 10 -
7) Originallity- 10 -

Overall: 58/70

2072's results:

1) Graphics- 5 -
2) Speed- 10 -
3) Gameplay- 5 - (a lot of little annoying things that are easy to correct)
4) Replay Value- 8 -
5) Quality- 8 - (It's a real good flight simulator)
6) Programming Skill- 10 -
7) Originallity- 10 - (the first game of his kind on a calculator :) )

Overall: 56/70

I have promised to create a review for the game so there you go:

As you can imagine, this type of game is a real challenge on a calculator due to the small low-resolution B&W screen, and it's quite a challenge for the programmer to go through all the physics and dynamics of flight simulation which Roe did well at.
Of course as you can notice from the scoring, Roeoender himself gets all the 10s, while the other low scores are due to the type of the game (Flight Simulation).

I thought that a competition game coming out at that time (where all those beautiful grey scale games exist), it should have utilized the grey scale and higher quality menus/graphics (memory limitations?)
The game uses Roe's 5*5 pixels tiny font which helped a lot to keep the busy areas while playing small.
I really wished there would be better graphical menus, with several options (saving & loading) and a quick help/buttons guide/map symbols guide.
Maybe we could see that in next releases.
As far as the in-game graphics are considered, well, they have never been good on the PC Flight Simulation games, so it wouldn't be much better here, would it? :P But I must complain about four things:
1) The radar map, all those tiny dots makes me crazy, I don't know which one is the SAM coming after me, and which is the enemy fighter or base I should destroy.
2) Again in the radar map, if a SAM comes after me from behind (while my fighter is located at the middle bottom of the radar screen), wee, I can't know it's there, I want the plane to be in the middle.
3) When an enemy fighter/SAM is coming infront of me, I see something like 4 pixels forming a cross flickering, nothing more!! <_<
4) In the mission map, I want to see my plane's current direction, not just a cross, I want to see where am I heading to on the map. It would also be nice to add a 4 direction arrows in the map to indicate directions equivalent to heading angle.

I must admit, I was NEVER EVER able to kill a single enemy rather than destroy a target, but wait, that's because I'm not good at all playing this game, it takes lots of time getting used to.
At first I kept trying till I was able to launch correctly (before Roe re-wrote the guide), then I kept trying to find anything that's on the map, then when I found how to reach it I tried to avoid being destroyed while reaching it, and finally I'm trying now to destroy it. :rolleyes:
See? I'm the worst in playing flight simulations. :thumbsup:
The game has a campaign mode, and a single mode that keeps providing you of different missions each time.
This keeps the game of a high replay value, which could be increased if a score system was implemented.
The thing I'm sure of, is that people familiar with the type of the game will find it very entertaining and nice, which I hope I will be some day.

Features & Quality:
The game is of very good quality, it has a very informative/properly organized HUD, with a perfect utilization of the AFX's tiny screen.
Considering the features, they are a lot, you should find them on your own, but the one I like the most is when the HUD gets destroyed and it flickers, it looks so real. Lovely!

2072's opinions:
Well I'm almost completely agree with Mohamed execept I've been very disappointed by the 2 colors only graphics since now it's possible to make graphics with 5 levels of grey... and especially in that type of game where we have a lot of different things to identify like SAMs Buildings Fighters and often no more than 1 pixel represents them.

The gameplay is really very difficult to learn but once you're used to it it's OK, I'm still unable to destroy ennemies with bombs or rockets (which are not IR or Radar guided) but well at least it's a game that requires to get some skills... in that way it has a good replay value.

The radar isn't handy at all, like said Mohamed the plane should be in the middle of it and when a target is locked it would be great if we could see it on the radar because as it is now you cannot evaluate the distance between your fighter and the locked target.

Something is missing is the HUD: the artificial horizon! Sometimes I don't know where is the ground.

What I like very much is that this game is a real simulator physic laws are respected, it's difficult to take off... (i didn't try to land yet :lol: ).

So this game reach is goal: it's a real flight simulator, Except for the graphics and the gameplay (including navigation and targetting) that could be _easilly_ improved.

Bottom Line:
This game could be nice for anyone, I like spending more time playing it trying to be better and finish the mission, but sometimes it gets real furstrating and I just throw the calculator on my bed.
As for Flight Simulator geeks like Roe (who watch their sixes :greengrin: - if you don't understand this, read the read me file carefully-), it's a cool game which would entertain you everywhere.
One more credit for Roeoender, this game is the first of it's type for calculators ever, which is an acheivement in itself.
Congrats Roe. :clap:

:clap: :clap: :clap:

The results page will be created very soon, and as for the prizes, the @ucnetwork mail won't be available since 2072 will own the domain next July.
You could download the games by clicking on their names.

Congratulations everyone, and hope to have more non-quitting-in-the-middle competitors to get better results and games/programs in next competitions.
Have fun everyone. :beer: :rockband:

2072 - CrimsonCasio - Mohamed

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