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By: sentaro21 131 clicks
fx-CG10/20 has been used is SH4A CPU called SH7305.
It is similar to SH7724 (by RENESASS).

This tool modify CPG(Clock Pulse Generator) and BSC(Bus State Controller).

Your Calculator to the world of over 200MHz!!
memory speed test automatically.
freq/wait settings store and recall with the function key.
Save setting to file (main memory). load data automatically on the next run.

weak points:
As for this tool, test is insufficient.
Unexpected malfunction may happen.
Battery consumptions considerably increase at the over clock.

This tool can modify wait states,
if increment, improved more memory bus frequency.
and more calculator performance.

CPU Clock up to 265-300MHz (safty about 260MHz)
SHW Clock up to 175-200MHz (safty about 160MHz)
bus Clock up to 175-200MHz (safty about 120MHz)
I/O Clock up to - 40MHz (safty about 30MHz)
(The limits are different by individual difference.)

Core clock is effective in a small program.
Overall performance is influenced by bus clock.



This program was based on Pover(by Ashbad).
developed by PrizmSDK 0.3

fxReverse project documentation,
SuperH-based fx calculators,
Cemetech WikiPrizm,
served as a reference very much.

Very thanks for result of the analysis of all senior user.

I would be happy if this tool is useful for you.

related topics https://community.casiocalc.org/topic/7417-ftuneftune2ptune2-cpgbsc-tuning-utilty/

v1.01 2015. 2.28
-To solve problems in memtest failure.(When PLL limit is low, and memory limit is high.)
-memory red zone ( dangerous range) 3% -> 5%
-renewed some source codes. as a result, file size decreased.

====== Warning!!! ===================================================
This tool is made to work safely, but unknown malfunction may happen.
This tool can cause damage on your calculator!
Use it at your own risk.
will not be responsible for any damage.
Uploaded by sentaro21[Write a comment][Rate this file]2014-11-17 (08:54 CET)
By: Sean Anderson 190 clicks
Uploaded by seana111 commentRating: 3/102012-06-08 (03:08 CEST)
By: souvik1997 234 clicks
This is a simple image viewer for the fx-CG 10 and fx-CG 20 calculators. It lets you open files from storage memory, and includes a converter to convert any type of image to the image format used by ImgViewer on the calculator.
Uploaded by souvik19971 commentRating: 10/102012-05-06 (22:22 CEST)
By: PierrotLL 1086 clicks

Your god has sent you on a mission to find him some golden eggs. Your only tool is the ability to flip gravity. Use gravity wells to further alter the direction of gravity. 40 levels.

Arrow keys to move, SHIFT to flip gravity.

Technical details
The game overclock the calc to 94.3MHz and restore the speed as it was before launching. It not underclock to 94.3MHz if the speed is already higher. Press OPTN to show FPS. This version just missing the transition animation between levels (fade in/out and growing duck), because there is not enough memory to load this animation.

To developpers
Feel free to copy any part of the source code. Files key.c/h, overclock.c/h, rand.c/h, text.c/h, time.c/h can be used as is.
Uploaded by PierrotLL[Write a comment]Rating: 10/102012-04-07 (16:55 CEST)
By: flyingfisch 233 clicks
Try to predict changes in a fictional and fun stock market!

In-game instructions included.

At splash screen, press exe. At the main menu, press f1 to play. At the next screen, choose between continueing the last game or starting new. PLEASE NOTE THAT CONTINUE SAVED GAME WILL NOT WORK IF YOU HAVE NOT PLAYED THIS GAME MORE THAN ONCE!

Do not ever exit the game with AC/on, always use exit.


F2 Buy and sell stocks F6 next day F1 Help

Helder7 kindly provided screenshots:

The colors are easier to look at on the actual calculator ;)
Uploaded by mfischer[Write a comment][Rate this file]2012-04-04 (03:09 CEST)
By: m1ac4 164 clicks

Uploaded by mfischer[Write a comment][Rate this file]2012-04-02 (17:14 CEST)
By: Ashbad 1106 clicks


The Prizm can finally be overclocked, or underclocked, at will! Want to play a game faster? Want to slow down operations to save your battery life a bit? Now you can overclock up to 87MHz, or underclock to as low as 3.6 MHz at the touch of a few keys! A very handy, small utility (under 30KB for the add-in), pick it up today and have even more control over your device!

It's not very graphical right now, but functionality wise you can completely control the PLL circuit. I'll probably add something the ICLK circuit division ration later, but I still haven't tested much with that. Also, I'll probably let KermM go freestyle with giving it a nice GUI or something.

Practical Uses:

:: Go to 87MHz, and play Gravity Duck with no timing issues, and a good framerate
:: Slow down to 43 MHz during the day in school, to save your battery even more
:: Play your BASIC games faster!
:: Fix your speed quickly if an add-in tampers with the speed in a non-courteous way
:: Go down to 3.6 MHz on your friend's calculator to play a mean little joke 8)

Forum Post
Uploaded by mfischer[Write a comment][Rate this file]2012-04-02 (16:44 CEST)
By: Kerm Martian 217 clicks
Obliterate, is a scorched-earth / tanks game for the Casio Prizm color graphing calculator. Play against up to six AIs in a battle for supremacy. Set your angle and power, then fire away, but watch out for the wind! Enjoy the classic TI Obliterate game on the Prizm's full-color, high-resolution screen.
Uploaded by KermMartian[Write a comment][Rate this file]2011-09-09 (07:07 CEST)
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