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Maths Programs in basic for AFX

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By: The AFX Master 477 clicks
This is an update of STR_SOLVER_1.00 beta that fix some bugs


.-Reactions and resultant forces are stored on list 2 and list 1 respectively
.-some syntax error fixed
.-improved on a bit the speed of node imput
.-new FASTGKEY routine (supports [esc] key)
.-includes picture 3 (i forgot it!!)

Reports bugs and suggestions at UCF at the ENGINEERING PROGRAMS topic, on CFX/AFX/FX forum
Uploaded by The_AFX_Master[Write a comment][Rate this file]2005-11-16 (22:04 CET)
By: The AFX Master 297 clicks
This is the last update to STR CAS (Structure Solver) v3.00


.-added zoom, and node tracing on stat mode...allows you to check your nodes and move the structure
.-added axes on/off
.-added Statwind_auto/manual... allows you to freeze the current view window if you,re moving the struct
.-Now plots forces and external links, if the prog does not disp this objects, simply, you must set forces and nodes
.-data matrix: Mat N now have 4 rows, rows 1,2=> x,y coordinates of a node, rows 3,4=> fx,fy total externalforces on x and y on this node
.-added routine Viewer, allows you to see the data (external forces, equation system matrix, nodes and link matrix), and check it

thats all folks at the moment report bugs and sugestions at the engineering programs topic. CFX/AFX/FX subforum

also include CMASS prog to calculate center of masses
Uploaded by The_AFX_Master[Write a comment][Rate this file]2005-11-14 (00:10 CET)
By: the_afx_master 413 clicks
some vector and solving programs all are betas in spanish, if you see a bug, email to me or contact at casio forums
, more progs still in developing,

this pack includes:
-torque calculus
-ecuation solver, solves with 8 methods and display steps in lists +gauss jordan for linear sets
-partial derivation (two to fift vars)
-system of forces reduction, calculates a reduction of a system of forces at a point in a unique force and couple (1 torque and 1 force)
-trapezoid rule of integration
-structure plotter, +center of mass of this
-crossp subroutine (does crossp(list1 x list2)
-distributed loads, if you have a distributed force in a line, put the equation of this distribution area or the heights (if it is a straight sloped line) , this prog calculates the centroid in a vertical line that represents where are applied the resultant force of the distributed load

Uploaded by the_afx_master[Write a comment][Rate this file]2005-10-02 (22:14 CEST)
By: 2072 217 clicks
This program allows you to obtain the prime factors decomposition of a number and all its divisors very quickly (from the prime factor decomposition).

Usage: Just upload the .cat file or .fxi file to your calc and launch the program called "PREMIER".

For any question or request email me at 2072 AT 2072productions DOT com (or use the webmaster link on this site).
Uploaded by 20721 commentRating: 8/102004-03-07 (01:19 CET)
By: Andy.Davies 330 clicks
This program can solve all right angled triangles, very simple to use interface.
Uploaded by andy.davies[Write a comment][Rate this file]2004-02-18 (23:26 CET)
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