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By: Deimos 790 clicks
It's a simple program displaying a clock, no more, no less.
To set a clock, you'll have to use a different program (eg. Touche or CW-explorer), as i'm still not sure how to do it :P The main advantage of this program is it's small size - it's only 7kb - and the fact that it displays the fullscreen clock instantly, without the need to choose the clock from options (like in Gcomm) - a perfect thing if all You need is a big clock launched from main menu shortcut :D

Added date display, but the size is bellow 8kb.
But still there is no time/date seting option.
Also, i included source this time.

Uploaded by Deimos[Write a comment][Rate this file]2005-09-28 (03:34 CEST)
By: dr23 982 clicks
1- What is it ?
TXTreader is able to read text files on your CASIO computer.
Launch it and all .TXT files available appear. Choose the one you want to read with [up] and [down] and press [exe]/[F1].
Bigger the file is and more time TXTread needs, to open it.
So don't panic (around 1s in the worst case).

2- Keys
[shift] to the top
[alpha] in the end
[up] to go up
[down] to go down
[left] to go up 10 lines by 10
[right] to go down 10 lines by 10
[Menu] to reveal .som file if one exist

... more in the readme.txt

Please visite http://www.casioworld.wb.st
Uploaded by casioworld[Write a comment][Rate this file]2005-09-17 (16:55 CEST)
By: Marco 470 clicks
This is an image viewer displaying images created with AFX Image 2.0

It's just a pre-release version in order to test DynaGFX engine features, so 128x64 images are possible only and neither RLE compression nor image animation or fonts. All color modes (2,3,4,5,7,8,9,11 and 13 colors) are supported though.

Supported image format is "AFX Image File", create them using AFX Image 2.0 and ensure that "write Header" option is selected. You also may pack more than one image into a file. For more information view the ReadMe.

The package also contains 8 example Image Files with 60 images total
Uploaded by Marco[Write a comment][Rate this file]2005-04-14 (11:02 CEST)
By: 4nic8 802 clicks
Multi-Platform Language for Calculators v 1.15

It is a project of Epic Programming Studios More information about MLC: http://dysfunction.earthforge.com/?p=mlc.php

MLC supports 4 levels of color which can be used with any of the graphical commands, striates, reading/writing form files, double buffering,... etc.

Screenshtots: http://dysfunction.earthforge.com/?p=MLC-pics.php

BTW. check out the MLC PROGRAMS category in the FS for new MLC games.

----> v. 1.2 b2:
- I've fixed one nasty dug from the v. 1.2 b1

----> v. 1.2 b1:
- 16x16 sprites support
- vx/y, dx/y work now
- MLCafx.exe <name of a file BASIC file with MLC code> [shell]
Uploaded by 4nic81 commentRating: 8.5/102005-01-09 (22:09 CET)
By: Marco 264 clicks
This is Hacker's Editor Ver. 1.2, a Hexeditor for Casio AFX series.

It's usefull when you want to analyse data structures in the memory, explore the ports functions or study Flash and ROM dumps


- Explores the whole address space (0..FFFFFh) segmentwise or the I/O ports (0..FFFF)
- Modifies bytes in the RAM or writes values to ports (Hex/Dec/string)
- supports EMS (Flash / ROM banks mappable into memory)
- Byte/Word/Dword/Auto search

An online help file is included (press F1 to read it when started Hack's Edit).
Uploaded by Marco[Write a comment][Rate this file]2004-12-23 (21:24 CET)
By: dr23 616 clicks
CW-EXPLORER is a files explorer which is able to view the tree structure of drives like windows explorer.

Kind of files managed:
- BMP (bi color w/b)
- TXT (some kil bytes)

[up] and [down] : move up and down the cursor in order to select a file
[F1] and [exe] allow you to select, open a drive, open/close a repertory and launch EXE/COM/TXT/CVS file.

[right] can be used to open a drive as well.
[left] to go back to drive selection menu Wherever you are, press [ESC] to quit

If you press [menu] you make appear the main menu to:
- change the title
- modify the cursor's delay
- set the clock
- set the password (0000000= cancel the current password)
- view and delete a shortcut (press [del] to delete one)
- modify contrast
- ...


Please go http://www.casioworld.wb.st to download it
Uploaded by casioworld2 commentsRating: 9/102004-06-25 (16:17 CEST)
By: X-thunder28 282 clicks
This program exit the mainmenu and the command interpreter, then it gives to RomDos the name of a new Shell.


Path is the path of the new Shell.

This program can free some bytes so, for example, Scorch (by Duobab) will run on G100+ (AFX 2.0+)!

Exemple: Using ChgShell for Running Scorch if it's in drive L:

Then Scorch will run.

If you quit the current program, RomDos will be angry and will ask you for a new shell.
Then Simply reboot with P-button (back to your calc) or anything else for reinstall MainMenu!
Uploaded by X-thunder28[Write a comment][Rate this file]2004-05-01 (10:37 CEST)
By: huhn_m 434 clicks
This is an editor for the AFX that supports Insert and Overwrite chars,
lines with up to 255 Chars, DOS CR save to flash, save to ram, nearly all chars of the ASCII charset ...

read the info in the rar file for more.
Uploaded by huhn_m[Write a comment][Rate this file]2004-02-19 (09:17 CET)
By: Dada66 478 clicks
Allows to communicate with AFX 2.0(+) or PC (Flash100 1.30 and F100Console v1.20).
You can send BASIC files, Lists, Matrix,... and also Flash Memory (Drive L to Q and system zone).
GComm allows to transfert Flash or RAM at 115200 bps.
You can also edit your Main Menu (Like I-Prog) and scan your RAM for display Basic files, lists, etc...
Sources (C++/VC++1.5)
Uploaded by dada663 commentsRating: 10/102004-02-17 (19:26 CET)
By: 2072 361 clicks
TOUCHE is simply the best utility for your AFX.

If you want to know its possiblities, visit: http://www.2072productions.com/?to=touche.php
Uploaded by 2072[Write a comment]Rating: 10/102004-02-11 (18:51 CET)
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