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PC side program for AFX

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By: 4nic8 287 clicks
It's a terminal for Windows to communicate with Casio AFX. It can receive vars, matrixes and lists from a calculator. There is also a terminal for an AFX. When you connect both you can run any Windows command form you calculator.

Uploaded by 4nic8[Write a comment]Rating: 7/102005-10-08 (00:24 CEST)
By: dada66 1978 clicks
The first link on the download page doesn't include the Qt library (version 3.3.4), if you don't have Qt library use second link.

Flash100 is translated in English by C@siomax, Superna, huhn_m and Fantasy Spanish and deustch : partialy translated

Linux and Mac OS X final version will be released later...

News :
-SpriteMaker and RFLMaker plugin : By Julien
-Flash Manager plugin (To send/receive flash drive)
-Ram Manager plugin (To send/receive files in RAM like Basic files, matrix,etc.)
-CSV Maker (To make video) : By Superna
-You can remove/create files/dir in an existing .cdr or .lec file
-New Window Manager
-Opacity control
-Some bugs fix
-Improve cable support
-Support of Casio Protocol (AFX 2.0)
-Support of GComm protocol (version 1.00, 1.01, and 1.10)
And some improvements....

To add others languages or edit existing, I will prepare a pack to translate easily words/sentences (but only French -> 'your language')

Help (French only):
Uploaded by 20721 commentRating: 10/102005-04-27 (00:21 CEST)
By: dscoshpe 1159 clicks
CALiPSO Add-In Packager v2.30 AFX/Graph100 Packaging Tool

Bug reports are encouraged.

This update of AIP2 is mainly to streamline the interface and to provide 'dRXE Tag' support for RXE files. Using this you can now package multiple RXE files together because AIP2 now has a routine to adjust the RXE files automatically. The process is detailed in 'Relocation.txt' which I included with the dRXE distribution if you would like to add dRXE tag support to your project.

To package RXE's simply select the dRXE output to be added to the AIP2 file list as usual, so if the program is 'program.exe.noUPX.hack.rxe' AIP2 will still interpret and work with it as 'program.exe'. :)

- dscoshpe -
Uploaded by dscoshpe[Write a comment][Rate this file]2005-02-09 (08:46 CET)
By: dscoshpe 251 clicks
CALiPSO dRXE v1.60 EXE -> RXE Conversion Tool

This update adds a lot of 'visible' features to dRXE in addition to the usual backend improvements.

Notables are that you can now use dRXE from a command line, so if you want to use it from another program or from a script it is possible. Also, I added a relocation feature so that you can relocate a file with out rebuilding it - this is required if you want to run more than one RXE file per drive! Again, this feature is available from the command line as well. dRXE also now saves your settings and uses a .map file to get the data block address. More info below. (62)

The relocation text has also been updated to be a bit easier to understand.

All the required information is contained in the "ReadMe.txt".

upgraded ndisasm to newest win32 version from old dos16 (faster!) (...) added "RAW" button to "View/Edit" form (...) added an adjustment to properly decode some fixes that were previously errors (...) fixed a display issue with ndisasm output (...) fixed an issue with clearing too many relocation table entries in some cases (...) added a 'dRXETag' verification (...) added command line support (...) added .map file support (only Borland .map tested) (...) added an RXE relocation tool (...) added ability to make raw writes to EXE/RXE headers (...) added 'Preserve' functionality to save configuration

- dscoshpe -
Uploaded by dscoshpe1 commentRating: 10/102005-01-13 (10:29 CET)
By: Marco 1268 clicks
AFX Image is a PC program that creates images for AFX Add Ins as well as CFX pictures and MLC bitmaps. Usable with every common AFX graphics engine + supporting special DynaGFX engine features such as color emulation, image animation, RLE compression and fonts.

Features of Version 2.01:

    - Generates Images for AFX Add Ins and MLC programs, also Casio CFX Pictures
    - Output formats: AFX Image files, binary files, C/Pascal/Assembler source code, CAT files containing MLC source or CFX pictures
    - Supported color modes: native BW and Grey scale mode, predefined DynaGFX 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 11 and 13 color modes, user defined emulation sequences, CFX RGB - and Grey scale oriented color modes.
    - Animated images and fonts generated from tiles
    - RLE compression in order to save the calc's valuable memory
    - Automatized generation of 1/2/4/8 sprites for each tile (on demand)
    - Up to 255 tiles per image
    - Transparent colors / background layer
    - Color stabilisation
    - Row - and Column buffer layout support
    - Up to 15 dithering levels (you may disable it however)
    - Available filters: brightness and contrast level, contrast trigger, gamma filter, seperated R/G/B lightning
    - Loads source images from clipboard or 1/4/8/16/24/32 Bit Bitmaps

What's new in version 2.0

    - Everything :-)

What's new in version 2.01

    - A bug in file header format has been fixed

See also
Uploaded by Marco[Write a comment]Rating: 9/102004-12-09 (16:39 CET)
By: Orwell 127 clicks
The last version of my sprite editor for AFX: it can be used to create and convert sprites to be displayed on screen with some drawing libraries like Db-Lib, Drawlib (3 colors) and gxLib (5 colors) (you can find those libs here too ;)).

Check out my website for complete documentation!
Uploaded by Orwell[Write a comment][Rate this file]2004-12-07 (21:08 CET)
By: huhn_m 95 clicks
This file is a patch to the Flash100Console program for linux written by dada66 (see forum).

It corrects a bug where some files were wrongly refferenced.

Once to a knoppix source and once to the wrong QT directory.

The patch only updates the Makefiles and afterwards compiles the program and protocolls.
Just unpack into the flash100 folder and execute the patch program.

Your directory must look like Casio/Flash100/Patch. then you can execute
./patch from a console from within the directory.

This patch applies to SuSE 9.1 / QT 3.3.1
Uploaded by huhn_m[Write a comment][Rate this file]2004-08-10 (13:04 CEST)
By: 4nic8 201 clicks
A new tool for programmers - Universal Font Editor v. 0.91 (beta)

This program helps with crating fonts for AFX/Graph100.
It's beta version so I'm waiting for opinions, bugs and ideas.

BTW all dll you'll need to run this program are packed in dlls.rar

More information at CASIOPOWER and in readme.rtf file.
Uploaded by CrimsonCasio[Write a comment][Rate this file]2004-07-29 (18:55 CEST)
By: ymorgan 558 clicks
An emulator for the AFX, you can run your AFX games on your computer! A great tool for debuging your programs.

with this you dont need an AFX to play the games :)

Sources available: http://perso.wanadoo.fr/casioworld/zip/WinG100_sr.zip

Edited by 2072: Nothing has changed, only the link has been corrected.
Uploaded by CrimsonCasio2 commentsRating: 10/102004-04-20 (21:25 CEST)
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