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By: Scott 438 clicks
This is game which tests your memory. You have to remember the number in the time length given.
Uploaded by Scott[Write a comment][Rate this file]2009-06-19 (09:24 CEST)
By: alias4399 4745 clicks
Mario 2 Beta 3 is released! Includes a readme file, and a .cat file.

All stuff (important info) is in the readme file. Hope you enjoy it!

This game is very fast compared to other mario games, and includes a wealth of new features, including:
=) Cool new sprites, flowers, clouds, pedestals, even candles!
=) Teleporters
=) Level Editor (Included!)
=) Random Level Generator (Reliability NOT guaranteed!)
=) 5 levels to get you started, more coming soon!

Check>>>Check it out!<<<Check

Have fun!

Uploaded by alias43991 commentRating: 10/102006-04-25 (05:29 CEST)
By: Pål V. Gjerde 4967 clicks
A basic pac-man game. Includes a level editor. More info in the Readme file.
Uploaded by tutti[Write a comment][Rate this file]2006-04-08 (12:25 CEST)
By: Biobytes 1338 clicks
Fast Platform game with over 100 levels, a level editor, and long fun factor.
Uploaded by jmx2 commentsRating: 7/102005-10-20 (09:19 CEST)
By: Liquid 3636 clicks
A simple 3d maze in which you can walk around using the directional keys.

-Maze is generated randomly.
-Uses statgraphs to speed up drawing.
-Setup is slow, but u only need to run setup each time you want a new maze to explore.
-Goal point: get to the opposite corner of the maze. You start at the top left.
-Cheat/preview of the maze by pressing F1, and to close press F1 again.

|| This game is very fast for the capabilites of the cfx calculators.
Uploaded by liquid[Write a comment]Rating: 10/102005-04-11 (01:05 CEST)
By: Marco 3916 clicks
This is a collection of some of my best CFX Games ever I wrote years ago (1999 to 2001).

It contains:

Formula 1

A 3D racing game for CFX series with 16 original Formula 1 tracks and 21 drivers of saison 1999. Features: 0.8 FPS, scrolling background.

Tetris CFX

A fast Tetris implementation with really good graphics

CFX Brick

Hit all stones with a ball and don't loose it. Features: 5 types of stone, 38 levels

Crazy Box

A kind of Sokoban clone for CFX series. Features: 12 levels, time limits, passcode each 3 levels

Visit also http://www.pageofmarco.de/cfxgames_eng.php3
Uploaded by Marco1 commentRating: 9/102005-02-09 (15:40 CET)
By: R00KIE 5242 clicks
Another Super Mario Game, it goes as fast as possible in the CFX.
Inspired by the Super Mario game by Rasmus Antin.
Uploaded by R00KIE1 commentRating: 9/102004-09-18 (22:58 CEST)
By: R00KIE 1869 clicks
This is another Tic Tac Toe game with two player capability and simple AI in single player
Uploaded by R00KIE[Write a comment][Rate this file]2004-09-18 (22:52 CEST)
By: R00KIE 737 clicks
This is a game where you have to use your brain, you need to push the boxes to the marked spaces.
This game is a clone of the AFX series game, but for the CFX :-)
Uploaded by R00KIE[Write a comment][Rate this file]2004-09-18 (22:50 CEST)
By: PerCasioAdAstra 2229 clicks
Contains Poker, Slots & Roulette in a good-graphic-environment. Uses MOST available memory on a 32k CFX, but should be able to be used for school purposes on the side. Run file "STARTUP".
Uploaded by 2072[Write a comment][Rate this file]2004-06-30 (01:57 CEST)
By: PerCasioAdAstra 1109 clicks
The game basically contains the most known Final Fantasy features, such as limit brakes, bad status (poison, darkness, silence), HP/MP, varied enemies, different elements, a shop and a hotel.
Uploaded by andy.davies[Write a comment][Rate this file]2004-05-14 (15:51 CEST)
By: Genesis 740 clicks
Contains all of the games on my website including Sprite, Secret of Aan and Collapse. Also inside are some of my projects and mini-games I played when I got bored of making proper ones.
Uploaded by genesis[Write a comment][Rate this file]2004-03-30 (11:00 CEST)
By: Sean Tan 1674 clicks
All of casiokingdom's games and programs, including Star Wars Empire, Kingdom, MiniGames, Speed, Pairs, ISS, Pong ...

Uploaded by casiokingdom[Write a comment]Rating: 8/102004-03-21 (09:35 CET)
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