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By: Roy F.A. Maclean 637 clicks
Matrix programs for the fx-7400G.

Programs included:

* Matrix Multiplication.

* Gaussian Elimination Solver.
Uploaded by caspro[Write a comment]Rating: 8/102007-07-21 (03:00 CEST)
By: several authors 1125 clicks
Maths programs for fx/cfx/afx casio graphic calculators.

FRACTIONS Repeating Decimal to Fraction Conversion Approximate Fraction Convert Decimal to Fraction

POLYNOMIALS Polynomial Division Polynomial Multiplication Polynomial Division (longer version)
Polynomial Multiplication (longer version)
Synthetic Division Laguerre's Root Finder (9860 only)

MATRICES AND VECTORS Vector Operations Gaussian Elimination Gaussian Elimination with Complex Numbers Matrix Inverse by Gaussian Elimination Eigenvalues (power method)
LU Decomposition Pivot

CALCULUS Partial Diff and Hessian Newton's Root Finder Integrating methods Comparison Partial Fractions

DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS Slope Field Euler's and 4th Order Runge-Kutta Methods


NUMBER THEORY Prime Factors (Trial Division)
Prime Factors by Reverse Trial Division Prime Factors by Fermat's Method Linear Congruence Solver Irreducible Factors of Gaussian Integers G.C.D.
Units in Zn Fast Exponentiation, a^b(mod m) without overflow Euclidean Algorithm Euclidean Algorithm (Gaussian Integers)
Quadratic Residues (Using Euler's Criterion)
Binary Quadratic Form


GRAPHS & NETWORKS Maximum Flow Algorithm

COMPLEX NUMBERS Complex Powers Nth Roots Complex Trig, exp and powers Rational Division in C

PROBABILITY Binomial Dist Normal Dist Inverse Normal Dist.
Inverse t and F dists.

PICTURES Fractal Polystar Lissajoux Parastar

MISC Pascal's Triangle Large powers >10^99 Logarithm to any base Solve a^b=c^x for x Large Factorials Convert Bin/Tert/Oct etc to decimal

3D-grapher Nth Sum of Kth Powers Sum Range of Kth Powers Triangular Numbers Leading/Trailing digits Selected Pythagorean Triples Triangle Solver

GAMES & OTHER Pax 2 Super Master Mind Gops Date of Easter Sunday Bingo Caller Day of Week
Uploaded by caspro[Write a comment][Rate this file]2007-07-16 (02:54 CEST)
By: Roy F.A. Maclean 437 clicks
Info for All models:

* Frequently Asked Questions
* Memory Optimisation Methods
* Dimensioning Lists and Matrices Within a Program
* History Of Models
* French - International Model Number Equivalance Table
* Misc programming ideas
* Some Further Points
* fudge1,fudge2 - quotes from hp48 newsgroup about casio
* Bugs and Stupid Features

Info for 2nd Generation models:

* Keystrokes - alphabetical command list for 9750, 9850, 9950, 9970, 9860
(8930GT,9930,9940,9960,9990, Graph 30, 35, 60, 65, 80,85 )
* Language Summary - one page concise guide to the main programming commands
* Compatibility Between Models - 9850 G vs GB, GC etc vs Afx vs 9860
* Using Graphs and Plots in programs
* Speed up graphics with Drawstat instead of F-Line
* Getting 1st gen programs working on 2nd gen models
* Logical Expressions
* Dynamic Lists - appending, deleting and inserting entries etc.
* Breaking out of Nested 'For' loops
* Exception to Trailing Brackets Behaviour
* Getkey Priority - by ross8653
* Speed, Size vs Versatility - by ross8653
* Evaluating Expressions on the 9970G (9990GT)

Info for 1st Generation models:

* Getting Started with Programming
* Language Summary - guide to the main commands
* Using Graphs and Plots in programs
* Using Stats, Matrices, Angles and different modes in programs
* Keyguide 7700GE/9700GE/9800 - command list where are the keys
* Side Effects - which letters are used to store info
* Statistics Calculations on 6300G


* CAS,CAT,CTF,FXI,G1M etc - file formats for storing casio programs on computer
* Using Xchange for ctf and txt files
Uploaded by caspro[Write a comment][Rate this file]2007-07-16 (02:40 CEST)
By: CrimsonCasio 437 clicks
My first real visual basic project, its preaty fun to play in your spare time... :)

on some computers there is a bug that keeps the reset button and controls from being displayed so here they are:

- numpad keys move (up, down, left, right, diagnol...)
- Numpad + increases speed slightly
- Numpad - decreases speed slightly
- Spacebar fires (or 0)
- P pauses

Enjoy :)

i accedentally uploaded a version with a few bugs, thats fixed now. Ive also added colors in the new version (1.03)
Uploaded by CrimsonCasio[Write a comment][Rate this file]2004-07-08 (19:14 CEST)
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