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By: MicroPro 239 clicks
With ClassPad MCS Editor you can view and manage the contents of your MCS or VCP files, and you can easily convert text, pictures, whatever between the ClassPad MCS/VCP file and your computer!

Website: http://www.classpad.ir/mcseditor

Official Discussion Thread: https://www.casiocalc.org/?showtopic=6771
Uploaded by MHos[Write a comment][Rate this file]2012-05-02 (21:01 CEST)
By: kucalc 903 clicks
With this tool, you can convert and edit your images and export them for your own projects with ease.

Official thread: https://www.casiocalc.org/?showtopic=4010

Edit multiple images simultaneously:

Export your images to ready-to-use C source code:

* Nice graphical interface
* Supports lots of your favorite image file types: JPEG, GIF, BMP, TGA, PNG, TIFF, PCX, etc.
* 2/3 buffer & 3/4 color modes
* Maximize efficiency by right clicking on the canvas to cycle through the gray palette rather than slowly browsing through one
* Zoom In/Zoom Out
Uploaded by kucalc[Write a comment]Rating: 10/102008-07-07 (12:14 CEST)
By: SimLo 15696 clicks
// FX9860G file converter 1.06 (Lothar Simon, 2008)
// Main functions:
// 1. Transfer FX9860G data to PC (USB or 3Pin) and convert them into a PC-file (f. i. to conveniently edit them on PC).
// 2. Convert PC-files to FX9860G-files and transfer them back to FX9860G (USB or 3Pin).
// History:
// file-transfer (storage mem and main mem) using USB with FX LINK[1] (version 1.06+)
// (this option is more convenient compared with FA-124 while developing).
// for FX9860G SD: limited remote access to a SD card via FX LINK[1] (USB/3Pin)
// flash-dump using USB/3Pin with FX LINK[1]
// file-transfer using 3Pin with FX LINK[1]. (version 1.05)
// BMP->C (now supports up to 128x64-bitmaps).
// BMP converting now supports positive bitmaps, too.
// Deleted file recovery, G1S directory walking. (version 1.04+)
// Conversion to/from BMP(WINDOWS) to G1M (picture file) (version 1.03+)
// Conversion to/from BMP(WINDOWS) to G1M (single capture file) (version 1.02+)
// Conversion to/from TXT(EXCEL) to G1M (SpreadSheet) (version 1.01+)
// Conversion to/from TXT to G1E (eActivity): (version 1.00+)
// [1] thanks to neurON/AndreasB for providing an excellent FX-LINK-protocol documentation
Uploaded by SimLo[Write a comment]Rating: 10/102008-03-27 (18:11 CET)
By: Alias 443 clicks
Introducing.. SpriteToData 1.0!

SpriteToData.exe 1.0 By Alias4399

SpriteToData is a great little program that you can use to help you with the creation of sprites!

Instructions for usage:

)Create a sprite of any dimension and save it into any format.
Use a suitable graphics package (eg. Jasc Paint Shop Pro) to convert the sprite into .ppm format

)Run the program from a command line or batch file (provided) with the following usage:

SpriteToData.exe <infile> <outfile>

where <infile> is your .ppm file (remember to include the extension!)
and <outfile> is your .txt or any other format file you want to save the data to.

Data is saved as follows:
)To be used as a char matrix
)'#' for every solid pixel
)'_' for every blank pixel
)You can use this for an int matrix, just replace (Ctrl+H) every '#' with a '1', etc.

Have fun!


Just like it says!

If you have any problems or questions, comments or queries, feel free to drop 'em.

Uploaded by alias4399[Write a comment][Rate this file]2007-03-06 (14:19 CET)
By: Roy F.A. Maclean 482 clicks
Version 9.1 28th January 2007

* Increased version number to match corresponding casform version.
* Fixed problems caused by addition of fn:
The old style f1 mistakenly got converted to just f, dropping the 1.
Also the new style should be converted to the old style when the output is one of the older formats: fxi, catfa122 and catfa123-7400/9850
* Fixed Factorial function ! when input is catafx
* Recognises old style x^y (sup y) in fxi format

Version 4 8th September 2006

* Now works with FA-122 or 123 or 124 and also does Fxi->Cat.
Previous versions of Cat2fxi only worked fully with FA-122 and only properly did Cat -> Fxi.
Doing Fxi ->Cat did not convert correctly on previous versions.
Uploaded by caspro[Write a comment][Rate this file]2006-09-08 (23:36 CEST)
By: Farbod 820 clicks
This is just a very simple convertor for Text files. It just delete Return character at then end of the lines and adding <End Of Line xxx> where xxx is the line number.
So by pasting the converted text file in classpad emulator you can read text files in classpad but unfortunately not in natural form(multi lines).
.NET FrameWork is required (ver 1.1 or higher).
ver 001 a bug in file size was fixed.
Uploaded by far2055[Write a comment]Rating: 10/102006-08-28 (12:37 CEST)
By: Roy F.A. Maclean 1573 clicks
Casform can be used to convert between different file formats.
e.g. TXT into CAT or G1M or FXI

As well as for pasting TXT into transfer software, it can be used to paste into the emulators: CasioCom which dislays files using the FXI font, and CasEmul/CasEdit which displays files using the FA122 font, or convert from 'Photo Casio' which uses the G1M or FXI fonts depending on the model.

Changes in this version:

version 10.0

New input/output item for .CAS FA-121
Uploaded by caspro[Write a comment][Rate this file]2006-07-05 (16:34 CEST)
By: Andy Davies 678 clicks
This program enables the game writer to make graphical interface screens with ease on the pc, and then copy and paste the code to you BASIC editor of choice. This is done by typing in code as you would on the calculator and pressing Generate, which then shows what the output would be like on the Calculators screen.


To run this program you mush have the .net framework installed.

Uploaded by andy.davies[Write a comment][Rate this file]2004-05-21 (15:49 CEST)
By: Andy Davies 569 clicks
This is the new UCF browser. it features:

Cool Icons!
Monitor Page
Satus Text
Percent Loaded

requires .NET framework
Uploaded by andy.davies[Write a comment][Rate this file]2004-03-10 (23:22 CET)
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