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By: phcorp 177 clicks
====== Battle Painters v0.9b ======

Credits :
phcorp (c) PH Corporation
AFX Team Production
mail/msn : ph_corp AT yahoo DOT fr
Portfolio : http://pierre.hennequart.free.fr

Commands :
[<-]/[->] : brush n°1 moving
[f1]/[f2] : brush n°2 moving
[Esc] : leave the game

Bonus :
double brush : the trace left by the brush is larger
shoe : the brush goes more quickly
alarm clock : the unfavourable brush is immobilized
ink flask : the unfavourable brush does not have any more painting
multi-rockets : a multitude of traces of painting appears
big rocket : a large trace of painting appears

Available formats :
.EXE : Executable -> use Flash100 or FlashCom

There are still some bugs to fix :
- bonus don't work properly
Uploaded by phcorp[Write a comment][Rate this file]2008-03-05 (13:38 CET)
By: phcorp 213 clicks
======= SHIP BATTLE =======

Credits :
phcorp (c) PH Corporation
AFX Team Production
Special thanks to Vic and Orwell

Commands :
[+]/[-] : increase/decrease speed
[<]/[>] : ship mooving
[f1] : drop a rocket against jets
[f2] : drop a rocket against submarines
[Esc] : leave the game

Available formats :
.CFX : CASIO add-in file -> use CASIO Add-in Installer
.LEC : ROM-DISK drive -> use Flash100
.CDR : ROM-DISK drive -> use Flash100 or FlashCom
Uploaded by phcorp[Write a comment]Rating: 10/102007-06-26 (03:54 CEST)
By: Marco 844 clicks
This is a 3D game for AFX series based upon the great DOS game SkyRoads, and besides it's my first Add In game at all :)


    • Real time 3D Game for Casio AFX series
    • Made the 1st Place at the UCF Programming Competition 2004
    • Framerates speed up to 12.5FPs (limited to 12.5 FPS to get them stable around 11/12 FPs depending on the level's complexity).
    • Different levels, gravity forces and surfaces
    • The game comes with an on calc Leveleditor!
      Note: I'm always pleased when someone sends me a new level set ;)
    • 3D Detail Level selection (increasing / decreasing detail levels cause decreasing / increasing framerates)
    • The first game for AFX written in Turbo Pascal

See also
Uploaded by Marco1 commentRating: 7/102005-04-02 (00:18 CEST)
By: Bija 266 clicks
This game is an adaptation of the classical windows game It is the game I presented to the UCF competition and finished 2nd

we can play up to 4 players on the same calc (there is AI) or two players on 2 different calcs game can be saved at the end of a trick

rules are in the readme Enjoy !

EDIT : version 1.10 available (changes are in the readme) !
Uploaded by Bija[Write a comment]Rating: 7/102005-04-01 (13:11 CEST)
By: Duobab / dscoshpe 223 clicks
This is an RXE conversion of Duobab's Boxworld. It is the same game except for it being an RXE and it contains a compiler specific hack to get it to work, both of which do not alter the gameplay. This is just a demonstration and proof that we have done it! :)

- dscoshpe -
Uploaded by dscoshpe[Write a comment][Rate this file]2005-01-11 (13:27 CET)
By: Janek37 171 clicks
Simple card game for one player... See www.setgame.com (or readme.txt) for more explanations.

Thanks to Orwell for gxlib and to 4nic8 for help in compilation ;)
Uploaded by janek37[Write a comment][Rate this file]2004-12-26 (16:45 CET)
By: Madjar 213 clicks
A little funny game I hope you'll enjoy dor a few minutes during maths lessons.
You must turn the line into same symbols

Enjoy !

3rd of the french official casio challenge
Uploaded by madjar[Write a comment]Rating: 5/102004-10-09 (23:15 CEST)
By: [neo]f4kill 233 clicks
In this little game you control a black ball and you have to catch a white one without being hit by the little lines..
it's very simple and not very beautiful but I love it :)
here is a sample : http://membres.lycos.fr/neog100/dl/neo_prod/aspirin.gif


Dans ce petit jeu vous controlez une boule noire il faut attraper la blanche sans se faire toucher par les petites barres.
C'est un jeu trés simple et pas trés joli .. mais je l'adore :)
un petit screen : http://membres.lycos.fr/neog100/dl/neo_prod/aspirin.gif

small correction made on v1.3b
Uploaded by [neo]f4kill[Write a comment][Rate this file]2004-09-11 (17:17 CEST)
By: C@siomax 274 clicks
Starscape Episode I: The awakening


Kill monsters (no IA lol) and find your way out.

Next versions will support a better graphic engine: faster, better-looking

This game was released for UCN comp and Casio Europe comp.

*Don't send only EXE file, but send PAK and MAP file(s) too !!*
Uploaded by C@siomax1 commentRating: 8/102004-09-04 (12:07 CEST)
By: Bija 183 clicks
Flux is the game I presented for the casio competition (but not for the UCF competition)
see the rules in the readme 2 languages : French and english
Uploaded by Bija[Write a comment][Rate this file]2004-09-01 (14:32 CEST)
By: C@siomax 1243 clicks
No changes from other versions, except the F6 key now used to exit instead of ESC.
Also made a decent pack for the game !
Uploaded by C@siomax[Write a comment][Rate this file]2004-09-01 (12:59 CEST)
By: X-Thunder28 449 clicks
The very famous game now available for your algebra fx !!
Really nice game from X-Thunder28, everything explained in archive !!
Uploaded by C@siomax[Write a comment][Rate this file]2004-08-26 (21:17 CEST)
By: Orwell 704 clicks
So this is now the second release, i hope you will like it :)
There is a huge amount of news and improvements in this version! All the source code had been re-written, and new items are now available on the maps (trees, enemies, springs...)
For now there is only a few playable maps, but they are not limited by the game so i plan to create new maps soon and to make them available for download.

You will find a "readme" file in english & in french (pdf format) in the archive.
The source code (C++ and ASM) is also included.
Uploaded by 20722 commentsRating: 9/102004-08-02 (20:30 CEST)
By: Leadfinner 526 clicks
Shadow World is a "Zelda like" for casio AFX. It is quite long, and has many different interactions with map and items.

Game caracteristics:

- 38 differents maps.
- animated water, trees, waterfalls and others...
- 6 different enemies.
- 1 boss 16*16 pixels.
- more than 50 texts and help for each items and weapons.
- 16 animated textures for each map.
- 256 sprites for items.
- 112 sprites for fonts.

- Frame rate from 24 to more than 40FPS with mean of 35FPS.
- Scrolling pixels/pixels.

General engine:

- 3 slots to save game.
- unlimited enemies (except memory).
- unlimited items (except memory).
- multiple keys
- and more...

(sources in C++ included in the RAR archive)

Shadow World screenshot 1Shadow World screenshot 2Shadow World screenshot 3Shadow World screenshot 4
Uploaded by 20723 commentsRating: 9.3/102004-08-02 (19:25 CEST)
By: Roeoender 686 clicks
3D Flight & combat simulation for Casio Algebra FX 2.0

Some F-16 Falcon 2.0 features:

  • Full 3D wireframe objects (18 types)
  • Gray ground with dotted grid
  • 3 combat scenarios (max. 35 ground objects each)
  • Random mission generator
  • Different weapons: cannon, unguided rockets, guided missiles (A2A, A2G), bombs
  • Simulation of combat field: ranges of detection, enemy fighters starting from runways, enemy reaction delay
  • Various ground targets including: bunkers, AAA guns, Tanks, buildings, bridges, fuel dumps
  • Machine code optimization, all fixed point math calculations
  • Nonlinear model of wing characteristics

You should read the web-site dedicated to this game, it contains all necessary information to learn how to pilote your plane.
Uploaded by 20722 commentsRating: 7.5/102004-08-02 (15:42 CEST)
By: David Quaranta 158 clicks
This game is the megamine of Windows and allows to play between 2 AFX 2.0(+).
- Show elapsed time and real time
- Max grid : 50*17 (visible 10*17)
- Network
- English & French version
Uploaded by dada66[Write a comment][Rate this file]2004-07-19 (17:26 CEST)
By: 4nic8 189 clicks
A simple but highly addictive bomberman type game. you and 3 computer players attempt to blow each other to peices on various playing fields :)
I would like to continue developing this game but I've lost source when my hard drive was broken ;(
Uploaded by CrimsonCasio[Write a comment][Rate this file]2004-07-09 (19:53 CEST)
By: blip 151 clicks
But du jeu:
Attérir (pas s'écraser) sur la plateforme en bas de l'écran.

Landing on the platform at bottom of the screen without having a too high speed
Uploaded by blip[Write a comment][Rate this file]2004-06-02 (14:41 CEST)
By: X-thunder28 354 clicks
Do you know Blobby Volley?
A game where you play volley as Slime...

Here is the adaptation for AFX/G100!


Choose BLOB_AFX.EXE for English Version, and BLOB100.EXE for French Version!

Player 1:
-Moving to Left = SHIFT.jpg
-Moving to Right = CTRL.jpg
-Jump = ALPHA.jpg
Player 2:
-Moving to Left = (-).jpg
-Moving to Right = EXE.jpg
-Jump = -.jpg

If you want to change BackGround Pictures, just press F1.jpg or F2.jpg
For playing, just press arrow.jpg !
If you want to exit the game without finish him properly, press ESC.jpg
Uploaded by 20721 commentRating: 8/102004-05-22 (21:07 CEST)
By: madjar 116 clicks
C conversion of a little basic game

Only available in french for the moment

Historique des version

0.20 Ajout du menu, page de credits, page options Passage aux touches multiples Quelques petites modifications Ajout de la source

0.10 La premiere version digne d'etre uploadé !
Uploaded by madjar[Write a comment][Rate this file]2004-05-16 (13:12 CEST)
By: X-thunder28 310 clicks
Kill everything!

Arrows: move the tank Shift: fire F1: MachineGun: a rain of metal... do a little damage one bullet per one, but if you hold fire, you can really do a lot of damage... mainly for infantry matter!
F2: Canon: an obus that explode on contact... usefull for destroy building!
F3: Mortar: an obus that rise then fall to target, can be fired behind some building, and cause a lot of damage that destroy a lot of building in one hit!
ctrl + esc: exit!
Uploaded by CrimsonCasio[Write a comment][Rate this file]2004-04-20 (21:22 CEST)
By: Casiomax 551 clicks
Here is the latest release of SB2 !!
Including new interface, and a 2 new game modes:

Single Round: choose between the 9 level themes and fight !!
Butcher: defeat 16 nasty monsters in 8 different arenas!

and the classical Story mode!!

Enjoy it !!

Uploaded by C@siomax[Write a comment][Rate this file]2004-04-15 (16:16 CEST)
By: Ronanker 195 clicks
it's a game for DOS/Linux/G100 based on http://www.sdv.fr/pages/casa/html/awele.html
's AWELE rules. FREE SOURCES (for experts)
Uploaded by Ronanker[Write a comment][Rate this file]2004-04-07 (15:53 CEST)
By: 4nic8 276 clicks
Have you ever played Battle City (NINTENDO pegazus) or Tank (Game Boy)? TankWar contains many of features from these games. You control a tank, fight with other tanks and get as height score as it's possible.
Uploaded by 4nic8[Write a comment][Rate this file]2004-04-02 (00:14 CEST)
By: Roeoender 266 clicks
This file is here rather for historic purposes, as now you can download 2.0 version of this game. Version 1.0 was judged at the 2003 UCN competition.
The Official Falcon Size: www.calcdev.earthforge.com/falcon

3D Flight & combat simulation for Casio Algebra FX 2.0

Probably the first flight simulator for a calculator. It models non linear lift/drag wing characteristic, ground forces (radars, SAM sites, enemy runways with fighters) are also simulated.
All math/physics is done without floating point operations.

The readme file is really worth reading because it describes some simplifications and assumptions about game's world.
Uploaded by 2072[Write a comment][Rate this file]2004-03-10 (22:49 CET)
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